Federal Tort Claims Lawsuit – Part IV

By Paul Gable

A federal tort claims lawsuit, with Horry County and former Horry County Police Department Chief Johnny Morgan included as defendants, is moving forward in Florence federal district court as discovery and depositions are scheduled later this month.

The suit stems from allegations of fraud on the court under color of law by HCPD officers, SLED agents and FBI agents, among others. The suit alleges personnel of these agencies conspired to withhold evidence, commit perjury and commit other unlawful acts in order to influence the outcome of a previous federal lawsuit, thereby violating the civil rights of the plaintiffs.

Part II of the series described actions by the Horry County police officers and Horry County Sheriff’s deputies that are alleged as illegal.

Attached below is an expert opinion on the events which precipitated the legal action. It was provided to the plaintiffs by John A. O’Leary, Esq. a former head of the S.C. Law Enforcement Academy.

The analysis goes to the heart of some of the illegal actions taken by sworn law enforcement personnel during the initial events that led to the lawsuit. The attempts to cover up these illegal actions provide the basis for the current lawsuit.

Word of the legal action is now getting around Horry County and causing some discomfort in certain quarters.

John Oleary’s Expert Report (1)

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