Fake Fry, Fake Campaign

By Paul Gable

Last week the Russell Fry campaign sent out an email saying the campaign was “running red hot” but then went on to beg for money.

Nearly all political campaigns shade the truth and spin their message, but this email is a perfect example of just how much BS is coming from the Fry campaign.

If the Fry campaign actually gained momentum from the endorsement of Fry by Donald Trump, money would be pouring in. Obviously, it’s not.

Last week also saw a rumor begin making the rounds in Horry County that Ken Richardson was going to drop out of the race and endorse Fry. Nothing could be further from the truth. Richardson is not dropping out and he wouldn’t endorse Fry under any circumstances for any political office, let alone Congress.

And, an article appeared, authored by Audrey Hudson, which attempted to paint Fry as the only candidate in the race that has the leadership skills and conservative record to defeat Tom Rice in the upcoming June 2022 Republican Primary.

Hudson used examples such as Fry’s votes for the “heartbeat” bill and the “2nd Amendment” bill as proof of Fry’s conservative and constitutional credentials.

Of course, she didn’t mention Fry’s vote for the largest gas tax increase in state history, his attempt to have the state legislature dictate to Horry County that it must spend its hospitality tax revenue on Interstate 73 and his vote to allow extension of the Myrtle Beach Tourism Development Fee, which is nothing more than a giveaway of more than $30 million taxpayer dollars per year to the Myrtle Beach Chamber.

Hudson went on to smear Richardson with a completely inaccurate record of Richardson’s handling of restrictions and enforcements of mandates in Horry County Schools due to Covid. But why let facts get in the way of your spin in a story?

Hudson’s article only further enforces that her various writings through the years, on issues important to the Myrtle Beach Chamber and its cabal buddies, are often wrong, but never in doubt.

Last week, Fry proudly posted on social media that he signed the “U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge”. It’s an easy pledge to sign because legislators know there will never be legislation passed to enforce term limits.

Richardson not only signed the term limits pledge but has told voters publicly that he will only serve three terms. If Fry actually is committed to term limits, why doesn’t he publicly say legislation or not, I will only serve three terms?

Can you really see these RINO’s passing legislation to retire themselves?

Lindsey Graham pledged himself to term limits when he first ran for Congress in 1994. Last I checked he was still roaming the halls of Congress as a career politician.

The major problem with the Fry campaign is there is no substance to it. The candidate is spouting phrases and sound bites that he believes will attract conservative voters to his side without any real conviction or understanding or core set of beliefs himself.

Opportunism not substance is the message of the Fry campaign. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken Fry eight months (only after Fry decided to run for Congress) to first criticize Tom Rice’s vote to impeach Donald Trump. Now his postings steadily refer to “Trump Impeacher” Rice.

That opportunistic approach to politics is why there is such resistance among local Trump supporters of Trump’s endorsement of Fry. The local voters know Fry for what he is (or more accurately isn’t).

That opportunism without substance is why Fry’s “red hot campaign” must beg for support.

There literally is ‘no there there’, to coin a popular, if inaccurately used, phrase referring to lack of substance.

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