Donald Trump Runs Cruz Out of Race – Update

Kasich to Suspend Campaign

A senior campaign official for John Kasich said the Ohio governor plans to announcee he is suspending his presidential primary campaign today.

It appears reality has finally sunk in to the final Republican candidate left standing against Donald Trump. Reality says the Kasich campaign was over whether he suspended it or not.

Trump will have locked up the nomination by the time the Republicans gather in Cleveland for their national convention in July.

Now it will be interesting to see the developing strategy for winning the general election in November.


By Paul Gable

Donald Trump burned down the Ted Cruz firewall in Indiana and Cruz suspended his campaign for the presidency after getting clobbered by Hoosier voters.

The victory for Trump is not only over Cruz and the other candidates who started in the race, but over the Republican Party itself.

I don’t know if the party leaders get it, but, this year at least, the voters have demonstrated over and over they don’t want an establishment politician in the presidency.

This is a populist election year. Voters are tired of the political polarization the two parties have fed us for over 30 years while the middle class contracts and more good jobs disappear to foreign countries every year.

It’s not completely over because Trump does not have the 1,237 delegates needed to sew up the nomination yet. But he will by first ballot time because nothing of consequence stands in his way.

John Kasich, the man who is in fourth place in the delegate count said he is staying in the race. I guess that makes him in fourth place in a two man race.

Essentially the #NeverTrump group now has nobody to support. And they don’t get that the more they fight a Trump nomination, the more the voters rally around him. This year, if the politicians are for it, the voting public is against it by definition.

Told you this was a crazy year.

Trump said in his victory speech he is going to bring the Republican Party together. He sounded like a humble winner, just the right note when you’ve become the presumptive nominee.

Bernie Sanders squeaked out a win over Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, but it won’t matter.

It’s Trump vs. Clinton in November and that will be interesting.

Trump was treated as a joke when he first announced last June. He proved to 16 other Republican candidates he is no joke.

Now he’s going to prove it to the country.

It’s going to be very interesting. In some ways it’s going to be the ultimate Geek (Clinton), who needs to be very scripted with her speeches, against the casual, off the cuff Trump.

And that’s only the beginning of the many differences that will separate these two candidates.

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