Another Begging Plea from Fry Campaign

By Paul Gable

Yesterday the Russell Fry campaign sent out another urgent plea for money. This time it was the “Lawn Sign Resupply Fund” that needs a boost, according to a Fry email.

Honestly, this constant begging for money from a candidate for Congress is getting ridiculous.

I’m asking for you to pitch in a few dollars to help us replenish our supply of lawn signs before we run out so we can reach the voters we need to achieve victory over Tom Rice.”

The above is a direct quote from Fry’s latest begging email request. The utter contempt that the Fry has for any supporters he may have is disgusting.

And Fry is forgetting, before he beats Rice he has to beat Ken Richardson who is second in money raising and first in speaking events with voters. Fry has less money, less of an organized campaign and less of a ground game than either Richardson or Rice. Is he just trying to keep the truth from his voters while he begs for more money?

If Fry somehow manages to win the election, a result that stands extremely little chance of becoming reality, will he send out an email begging for gas money to get to Washington? And will there be monthly emails begging for rent money to live in the D. C. area?

Based on the history of his campaign to date, I would expect such emails.

Fry is not interested in the voters who he is asking to give him money and to vote for him. Fry is only interested in himself.

One of the constant comments about the few campaign appearances Fry has made throughout the district is “he does not really interact with the people.”

That’s because Fry is not interested in the voters, other than to beg for money from them.

As one commenter on my stories has said about candidates, “Focusing on the real and serious issues that need to be dealt with is where your compass should point.”

Unfortunately, Fry’s compass only points inward to himself. The only serious issue he addresses on a routine basis is ‘Send me money.’

I would expect even most of the Red Hats in the district are beginning to question why Trump endorsed a guy who has nothing to say other than ‘send me money’ and ‘Trump endorsed me, vote for me’ and whose campaign appears to be the most disorganized ever for a congressional candidate.

Maybe the Red Hats will turn into White Hats soon to signal they surrender, they’ve had enough of this constant begging for money by Fry and they know he can’t win.

There is a point where voters want to hear a candidate speak about the issues.

There are only seven weeks left until primary voting, don’t hold your breath waiting for Fry to talk about anything other than himself.

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