Adult Entertainment and Carolina Forest

By Paul Gable

Adult entertainment locations will be the topic of discussion at the Carolina Forest Civic Association Wednesday night.

Scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Rec Center on Carolina Forest Boulevard, the meeting will allow Carolina Forest residents to be briefed on how they are facing the “Fork in the Road.”

Carolina Forest has become ground zero on the clash between quality of life for residents of one of the fastest growing spots in the county with tourism interests if the county’s new adult entertainment ordinances receive third reading approval.

None of the current adult entertainment establishments operating in the county will be legal in accordance with the provisions of the new ordinances, but the county must allow sufficient locations within the county available to host adult entertainment establishments in order to not have the new ordinances struck down in court.

And these ordinances definitely will be tested in court at who knows what cost to county taxpayers.

County staff is supposed to have maps showing locations along the U.S. 501 corridor and any other property in the area that has the proper zoning and spatial requirements. Staff is also supposed to have information on the Carolina Forest Development Agreement including the specific date on which the agreement expires.

When the development agreement expires, the land included in it reverts to the underlying zoning that was in effect before the agreement became effective. This occurrence could open up land in and around Carolina Forest to being available for hosting adult entertainment establishments.

Expect the county to ‘soft peddle’ the potential ramifications for Carolina Forest if the new adult entertainment ordinances become law.

Carolina Forest residents should come to the meeting prepared to ask the hard questions and insist on total answers. These residents already have experienced getting a sand mine where a retention pond was supposed to be located.

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