Word Salad Instead of Specific Issues

By Paul Gable

Voters in Conway were ‘treated’ last week to another full page ad, in a local media outlet, of word salad without specifics by the Committee to Elect Ken Richardson.

The introductory sentence says it all, “In the HEART OF CONWAY where tradition meets progress, one name stands out KEN RICHARDSON.

One would think the first name to stand out, in the minds of those who proclaim to know exactly what Conway is and is not, would be General Robert Conway in whose honor the town is named. Gen. Conway was a Revolutionary War soldier, six term member of the South Carolina General Assembly, brigadier of the Sixth South Carolina Brigade and large land owner. Conway succeeded Peter Horry, for whom the county is named, as brigadier.

The names of more recent individuals who stand out in the history and development of Conway are Buddy Sasser, Greg Martin, Jean Timbes, Chip Brown, Leslie McGiver, Alys Lawson, Sam Hendrick, Vivian Chestnut and General James Vaught. And yes Mr. Richardson, Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy is on that list too.

The ad goes on to mention Richardson’s commitment to the community and advocacy for its future.


In a full page of newspaper advertising, one would expect some specifics about issues Richardson would address if elected. For example: How would he improve public safety? What, if any, infrastructure needs would he address? Are there any improvements needed for recreational activities? Should the city grow?

City elections are non-partisan for a reason. Citizens are elected to local councils to set policies which affect residents and their pocketbooks on a daily basis. Partisan issues, designed to divide the electorate, are best left to national or state level candidates.

A little over seven weeks remain until the election. In the interim, will the Richardson campaign address specific, local issues which he feels need to be added, eliminated or altered in order to improve the day to day operations of the city?

Or will voters just be treated to more word salad?

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