Vote for Mike Roberts in Horry County District Seven

By Paul Gable

The right choice for Horry County Council District Seven in tomorrow’s general election is Republican Mike Roberts.

Trying to unseat a long-term incumbent in South Carolina is never easy, but Roberts has worked harder than any candidate I’ve seen in my 31 years in Horry County.

Incumbent Democrat James Frazier has served honorably on council for over 35 years, but it’s time for a change. In the past couple years, it has become obvious to this reporter that Frazier is past his prime and should have retired at the end of his current term.

There are five new election precincts in District Seven since the 2010 election. By his own admission to local media, Frazier hasn’t bothered to campaign in any of those new districts.

How can he possibly wish to serve the voters in those precincts if he doesn’t even bother to attempt to meet them?

Roberts, on the other hand, has been campaigning throughout the district, meeting as many voters as possible.

A candidate should not be elected on effort alone, although it certainly helps, but Roberts will also bring a fresh, new look to council.

Roberts is honest, some would say to a fault. No one will control how Mike Roberts votes on issues except Mike Roberts.

What more must we say in this time of special interests controlling too many elected officials?

Frazier is again promoting the paving of dirt roads in his district as his number one campaign issue. It’s been the same over his entire 35 year career on council. Yes, he’s gotten some dirt roads paved in his district, but many remain unpaved.

Roberts is a strong fiscal conservative who knows the value of a dollar and that hard working people should not be taxed for other than essential services from government.

Roberts rates new jobs as an important issue the county faces, but is not one to fall into the trap of economic development incentives for promises.

“We need to support all businesses,” Roberts said. “Every business that starts up employs somebody, even if only one or two people. All are important to the county’s economy.”

The District Seven council race, then, comes down to a choice between the old and the new. I believe it is past time for the new.

Mike Roberts is the best choice to represent the voters of Horry County District Seven going forward.

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