The FBI and Eric Holder

The FBI and Eric Holder

By Paul Gable

In consequence of the recent illegal investigations of journalists by the FBI, the question is being asked ‘is it time for Attorney General Eric Holder to go?’

The more important question is whether it is time for the FBI to go?

Through a combination of successful propaganda and sympathetic journalism, the FBI is mythologized as the world’s number one law enforcement agency.

On second thought, maybe that definition is not so far off. I would submit the FBI compares favorably to other notorious secret police agencies like the Cheka and the Gestapo.

All operated with political motivations, had no consideration for the alleged laws of the land and viciously treated targeted citizens.

Since its earliest antecedents in 1919, as the Justice Department’s Intelligence Division, what is now the FBI has operated outside the restrictions of the Constitution and other laws of the land.

Illegal bugging and wiretapping, illegal search and seizure and illegal interference with the U.S. Mail are the norm for the FBI.

This is an organization whose written policy does not allow audio or video taping of interrogations. Why? Because it does not want any permanent record of what goes on behind closed doors. The truth may get out – kind of like what really happened in that room in Florida a couple of weeks ago?

Video and audio surveillance tapes, whether obtained legally or illegally, are known to be reworked at the FBI’s supposed world class laboratory facilities until key evidence is either eliminated or altered to fit the predetermined conclusion of what the tape must show. (Noel Herold and his cohorts)

It doesn’t get any better when the FBI appears in court. I have personally read transcripts of testimony where FBI agents have committed perjury in order to aid convictions. (Lynn Stuart trial)

The FBI has been a bandit organization since it was first conceived by that perverted little megalomaniac J. Edgar Hoover. It hasn’t made any difference whether A. Mitchell Palmer, Eric Holder or the many attorney generals in between have been nominally in charge of the agency, it has operated exactly as it wished with total disregard for U.S. laws or citizens.

It may well be time for Eric Holder to go. It is certainly time for the FBI to go.

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