Tankersley: It’s Bauer vs. Brittain

Tankersley: It’s Bauer vs. Brittain

Charlotte Observer

CHARLESTON, S.C. In a primary season without statewide races, most of the attention is focused on South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District, with 13 candidates vying for major party nominations in the district in the northeastern corner of the state.

“From what I’m seeing in the polls and what I see going on I think Bauer probably has a comfortable lead,” Tankersley said, adding that Brittain, with his name recognition in Horry County and the endorsements by Clyburn and the others, seems the Democratic front-runner.

Come November, South Carolina will have seven U.S. House members for the first time in some 80 years. Because of population losses partly from the migration of black residents to urban areas in the North, it lost a seat in the 1930 census. The seat is back, with the last census showing population growth spurred in part by retirees moving from the Northeast.

There are also three other contested congressional primaries in South Carolina to be decided June 12.


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