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Confederate Memorial Day Remembrance Sunday

Camp 1026 Myrtle Beach of the Sons of Confederate Veterans held a Confederate Memorial Day service Sunday April 22 at Withers Swash Cemetery, 723 Collins St., Myrtle Beach beginning at 3 p.m.

Camp 1026, known as the “Horry Rough and Readys”, began meeting January 2011 and received its charter June 2011. Its name traces back to Company G, 10th Regiment, S.C. Volunteers, in the War Between the States. Co. G, whose nickname was the Horry Rough and Readys, was made up of volunteers from central Horry County. The name was a unanimous choice of the 16 charter members of the camp.

Confederate Memorial Day is a remembrance of those citizen-soldiers who fought so valiantly for the Southern cause in the 1861-5 war. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a heritage group whose main mission is to protect and maintain the graves of Confederate soldiers.