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Sen. Stephen Goldfinch’s Gym Injuries

A few days ago, media from Myrtle Beach to Charleston and Columbia carried reports that Sen. Stephen Goldfinch was injured while on deployment in Africa with the S. C. National Guard. Goldfinch represents S. C. Senate District 34.
Goldfinch’s senate office put out a statement saying he was injured while on deployment in Africa with the National Guard. It said the injury was not life-threatening and Goldfinch was being transferred to a military hospital in Germany for treatment.
Several of the reports quoted a S. C. National Guard spokesperson as saying the injuries were non-combat related and were not life threatening.
Rep. Russell Fry commented on his social media account, “I’m praying for a quick recovery for my friend Senator Stephen Goldfinch who was injured in Africa while being deployed with the National Guard. Hoping he can get home safely to his family soon.”
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Vote for Reese Boyd in Senate District 34

The right choice to represent the people in Senate District 34 unquestionably is REESE BOYD.

Reese is a fair-minded, no nonsense politician. He is a leader who will vote for the best interests of his constituents, not for the Columbia BOSSES and special interests who line campaign coffers of his opponent.

Reese Boyd was born in Conway, graduated from Davidson College & University of S C School of Law. He is a member of the: Horry County GOP, South Strand Republican Club, the Grand Strand Opera Workshop, Palmetto Family Council. Reese lives in Murrells Inlet with his wife Lee, and two children Leila & Reese IV.

Despite what you have heard from his opponent and third party PACs who support his opponent, Reese Boyd is the true AND ONLY Conservative in the runoff election for Senate District 34.

Reese Boyd supports:

Term limits
Less government bureaucracy and interference in people’s lives
The Southern Evacuation Lifeline
Overhaul of Medicaid in the state
A real plan to fix the state’s roads
Fixing the erroneous FEMA flood plain maps
Protecting our beaches
During this campaign, Reese has been subjected to vicious attacks by his opponent and his opponent’s supporters, all of which are untrue. His opponent’s campaign is a classic example of – if you have nothing good to say about yourself, attack your opponent.

In this election, you have a clear choice between Reese Boyd, a conservative who will look out for the interests of his constituents, and his opponent who only looks out for himself.

I URGE YOU, to GO to the polls on Tuesday June 28th and vote again for REESE BOYD. He is an honest, true blue champion of the people, a person you can trust and the right man to be our NEW Senator.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hypocritical Attack Ads Target Reese Boyd

Reese Boyd is making a strong run for the open SC Senate District 34, enough that the Stephen Goldfinch campaign and its cohorts are resorting to absolute hypocrisy in these final days of the campaign.

Reese Boyd and Stephen Goldfinch are both seeking the Republican nomination for SC Senate District 34 in Tuesday’s Republican Primary voting.

If you are following politics at all in this primary season, you have seen, either in your mailbox or on Facebook, Reese Boyd being called a fiscal liberal.

These attacks are coming in mail and on broadcast media from something called the Citizens Alliance for Fiscal Responsibility, which, from everything I can determine, is run by Tom Swatzel of Swatzel Strategies LLC.

Swatzel Strategies has also received payment from the Stephen Goldfinch campaign for campaign consulting. There is an obvious direct tie between the PAC and the Goldfinch campaign.

If Citizens Alliance for Fiscal Responsibility is acting as an independent PAC, even under the Citizens United decision it must have no direct coordination with the campaign.

Why is Boyd being attacked as a fiscal liberal? Because Boyd has refused to sign Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

I support Boyd in not signing Norquist’s bogus pledge, which has never been anything more than a gimmick for elected legislators to claim they are fiscal conservatives.

But, the hypocrisy currently being practiced by the Goldfinch campaign is much worse than just mislabeling Boyd because he wouldn’t agree to forfeit his decision making power if he is elected to the senate.

Vote for Reese Boyd III for SC Senate District 34

Tired of “Business as usual” in the South Carolina Legislature?

On June 14th, 2016 South Carolina residents living along a large stretch of the coastline will vote for the Republican candidate to replace the retiring Ray Cleary in SC Senate District 34.

This is an important election in that it will send a signal to the SC legislature on whether SC residents are happy with the current status quo of tax and spend Republicans, or similar to the national presidential contest, want to see meaningful change in SC politics.

The current Republican controlled SC House and Senate have failed the taxpayers of South Carolina.

Roads – they have voted for a gas tax increase, yet the DOT has already received more money than it had in 2012 – their budget has grown by $708 million. Most people close to this issue know that the roads will not improve by giving the politicians more money. What is needed is a restructuring of the SCDOT and taking the road improvement prioritization process out of the hands of politicians.
Economy – The most recent U.S. unemployment rate was 5.1%. Horry County’s rate was 7.4% and Georgetown County’s unemployment rate was 8.3%. Reese will work to reform our tax code and bring about economic growth.
Taxes – South Carolina government is growing – at a rapid pace. You won’t hear a lot about increase in taxes, except for the Gas Tax, but the number of taxes and the additional burden on individuals and businesses are growing each year. Reese will fight efforts to raise our taxes, and push for tax simplification and tax relief for working South Carolina families.
Second Amendment Rights. The legislature tried unsuccessfully to pass “constitutional carry” in South Carolina. Currently there are 23 States planning to introduce “constitutional carry”. We need to vote for someone who truly supports the 2nd

Politician Dick Withington Arrested

By Paul Gable

Horry County politician and retired businessman Dick Withington was arrested today by the Horry County Police Department.

Withington is currently being held at the J. Reuben Long Detention Facility.

According to multiple sources, Withington was arrested after soliciting a bribe from Horry County Council member Gary Loftus.

According to those sources, after announcing he would be a candidate challenging incumbent Loftus in the upcoming June Republican Primary, Withington sent an email to Loftus offering to drop out of the race if Loftus would pay him an, as yet, undisclosed amount of money.

According to sources, Loftus reported the incident to Horry County police. A meeting was set up at which Loftus would offer to pay Withington a down payment with bills marked by HCPD. After the exchange took place, Withington was arrested with the marked bills in his possession.

As has become his pattern of running for more than one office in the same election cycle, Withington also was a candidate for the SC Senate District 34 seat. Several unconfirmed reports state Withington also sent an email to SC Rep. Stephen Goldfinch, a candidate for Senate District 34, with the same offer.

This year has been uniquely unusual in politics with the Republican Party establishment going out of its way to undermine frontrunning GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, so I guess anything is possible.

But, Withington’s actions, especially considering his abysmal polling record to date in seeking numerous political offices in the area, makes one shake one’s head.

Reese Boyd Announces for Senate District 34

Local attorney Reese Boyd, III announced last week that he is a Republican candidate for SC Senate District 34 in the upcoming June primary.

“I believe the voters of District 34 deserve a conservative choice in this election,” said Boyd in his announcement speech. “I am that conservative choice and I ask for your support.”

A native of Conway, Boyd graduated from Davidson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law.

After earning his law degree, Boyd began his political education as an attorney on Gov. Carroll Campbell’s staff. Boyd was awarded the Order of the Palmetto by Campbell for his work.

When Campbell left office in January 1995, he was named Chairman of the American Council of Life Insurers in Washington, D.C. Campbell took Boyd with him as legal counsel.

“I got a close up look at working with the federal government in that job,” said Boyd.

In 1999, Boyd accepted a position as vice president and counsel to a large asset management, insurance and financial services firm in Boston.

“It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed Boston except for the winters,” said Boyd.

In 2001, Boyd decided to return to his native Horry County with a view toward seeking political office in the future.

“I had been interested in running for political office and I felt my opportunities were better at home than they were in Massachusetts,” he said. “I was also too thin-skinned for the cold weather in Boston.”

After returning to Horry County, Boyd entered private practice. He is currently a partner in Davis Boyd, LLC. The main focus if his practice is general civil litigation while also handling business formations and corporate legal matters, estate planning, as well as aviation law and consulting.

Boyd currently lives in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, with his wife Lee and their two children. He is active in community and volunteer activities, and is an Elder of Surfside Presbyterian Church, PCA, where he serves as Clerk of the Church Session.