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Robert Ford Threatens Ethics Violations Exposure

Former Sen. Robert Ford has said he will start calling names if S. C. lawmakers don’t stop the practice of using their public positions to grab millions of taxpayer dollars for personal gain.

In an article by Corey Hutchins of the Charleston City Paper, Ford is quoted as saying this will ‘make the tea party movement look like a beer drinking contest.

Ford resigned his longtime senate seat during S.C. Senate Ethics Committee hearings into alleged misuse by Ford of his campaign funds.

SC Senate District 42 Special Election Antics

South Carolina elections never fail to produce drama and the special election to fill the SC Senate District 42 seat, vacated by the resignation of Sen. Robert Ford in May, looks to continue this tradition.

Ford resigned his seat during a May 2013 Senate Ethics Committee investigation into his alleged misuse of campaign funds for personal expenses and failing to report expenses, donations and personal loans.

Ford, a Democrat, served 20 years in the SC Senate representing what is considered a safe Democratic district.