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IRS Abuse

IRS Abuse Allegations Need Real Investigation

The increasing revelations of the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups for increased scrutiny are the potential political scandal that Congress should be investigating.

In addition to groups with the words “tea party,” and “patriot” being targeted for extra IRS scrutiny, we learned over the weekend groups criticizing the government and those seeking to educate people about the Constitution were also given extra scrutiny.

It is now obvious that these acts were not the isolated, random acts of a couple of low level IRS employees as they were first characterized. The head of the IRS tax-exempt division was made aware of this activity as early as June 2011.

Using the IRS for a political agenda was the second article of impeachment prepared against President Richard Nixon.

It has been written that use of the IRS against political opponents goes back at least to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Use of the IRS or any other government agency to target political opponents by either party is absolutely unacceptable and investigations of such alleged activity and prosecution of those responsible should be pursued to the absolute maximum.

The major question to be answered is what did President Barack Obama know and when did he know it?