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Myrtle Beach Tries Forced Annexation Again

In the words of Yogi Berra it’s “déjà vu all over again” as the City of Myrtle Beach is back with another attempt at forced annexation of businesses.

After winning the vote, but subsequently determining there were legal issues with a referendum held for the Bridgeport and Waterside Drive communities three months ago, Myrtle Beach is looking further north this time.

Last month, the city sent a letter to residents of the Magnolia North subdivision soliciting their signatures on a petition to annex into the city. It is questionable, under state law, whether the city can solicit a petition or the idea and petition to annex must be initiated by residents of an area.

Is Strong Mayor Best for West Columbia

The City of West Columbia will hold a referendum September 30, 2014 to determine whether the city government should change to give current mayor Joe Owens strong mayor powers.

Apparently the real issue here is whether the voters of West Columbia agree with what already seems to be a de facto assumption of strong mayor actions by current mayor Joe Owens.

In the current council form of government, Owens is one of nine council members having one vote and no administrative duties for decisions of policy. The title of mayor makes him nothing more than first among equals, so to speak.

Myrtle Beach City Council Halts Forced Annexation

Myrtle Beach City Council yesterday halted its attempt to annex approximately 640 acres along the U.S. 17 Bypass corridor.

The attempted annexation included two residential neighborhoods totaling approximately 44 acres. To this was added nearly 600 acres of commercial and undeveloped property attached to the residential annexation by city officials.

While 25% of registered voters in the annexation area had to sign a petition requesting annexation and later approve a referendum by majority vote, the commercial property owners had no say in the process.

Myrtle Beach City Council Misses Target With Annexation Vote

A special election referendum will hold the fate of a number of businesses along the U.S. 17 Bypass corridor as Myrtle Beach City Council tries to annex them into the city limits next week.

There is nothing about this proposed annexation that makes it seem like anything other than a land and money grab by Myrtle Beach City Council.

A nearly two year old petition was resurrected in late spring as the basis of the annexation attempt.

Crystal Moore Reinstated as Latta Police Chief

A special called meeting of the Latta Town Council Friday night voted unanimously to reinstate Crystal Moore as Police Chief of the town.

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard was not in attendance at the meeting.

Bullard fired Moore on April 15th, ostensibly for not signing seven “reprimands”, but more probably because Bullard did not agree with Moore’s lesbian lifestyle.

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard Ignores Will of the People

In his first few months on the job, Latta Mayor Earl Bullard has managed to turn this small, rural town upside down and bring it into the national spotlight by ignoring the will of his citizens.

Bullard ran unopposed for mayor in December 2013 and officially assumed office January 1, 2014.

After being elected, Bullard was quoted in local media as saying he was looking forward “to working with the citizens because the citizens are what make this town what it is.”