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It’s Silly Season and I Don’t Do Stupid Well

I have long called election season the “silly season.” This year, the silly season appears to be starting early, at least with respect to the upcoming Conway mayoral election.
Conway Mayor Barbara Blaine-Bellamy was publicly criticized by a small group of people for issuing a Mayoral Proclamation to a local LGBTQ organization establishing June as Pride Month in Conway. Being criticized is part of being an elected official, but those who join the political discussion with their public criticisms also open themselves up to comment in the public domain.
I wrote an article about Blaine-Bellamy’s consistency in her approach to treating all people kindly, with respect and making them feel included not ostracized. That article elicited the following public comment by Drexel Drew on my Grand Strand Daily Facebook page:
“I’m very disappointed in Paul Gable! Shame on you. The Majority of the people in Conway do not hold her same twisted beliefs. Wonder how much you were paid to write this by her campaign.”
I wrote a second article commenting on Drew’s statement and his inconsistency in dealing with people and organizations who support what he calls “twisted beliefs”. Again, answering his question of how much I was paid to write the first article. Let me make it simple, I was paid nothing by anyone to write the first article, nothing to write the second and nothing to write this one.
David Hucks, in his MyrtleBeachsc.com blog, chose to attack me for the second article. That’s his right. He’s entitled to his opinion. I just wish he would have stayed close to what was discussed in the article rather than going off in directions of his own choosing.

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Rep. Greg Duckworth v. The Public?

A post earlier this week in The Nerve told of newly elected Rep. Greg Duckworth (SC House District 104) pursuing libel lawsuits against two supporters of outgoing Rep. Tracy Edge.

Duckworth’s libel claims concern letters to the editor by Charles Collins and Bren Gibson during the 2012 election season. Edge defeated Duckworth in the 2012 Republican primary but lost to him in 2014.

The first thing that comes to mind – “Is this guy serious?”