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Myrtle Beach International Airport

Horry County Airport Advisory Board Dissolution

The proposed dissolution of the Horry County Airport Advisory Board currently being considered by Horry County Council is a mistake.

This has not always been my attitude.

From the late 1990’s through approximately 2008, the board was a rubber stamp for some of the worst decisions made by Horry County Department of Airports staff.

Myrtle Beach International Airport

Myrtle Beach International Airport Old Terminal Rehab Costs

The cost of renovating the old terminal at Myrtle Beach International Airport should raise questions among limited government proponents.

Now estimated at approximately $10 million, the cost includes $3.5 million for a new glass front to the building, according to several sources.

But, rising costs on airport projects are nothing new at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

The real question is do we need to spend this money?

What is ironic about the old terminal project is that the planned renovations now include work that county officials were once told could not be done on that structure.

County officials were told in early 2008 that expansion work and interior renovations on the old terminal building would not meet new building code requirements and could not be done.

So the new east side terminal and its passenger gates were built and the old terminal is being renovated to open two new passenger gates to handle all of the new passengers flying to Myrtle Beach.

But, that is not happening.