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Random Thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri

As riots go, even in this country, the one in Ferguson, Missouri is a pretty small deal.

But, it does demonstrate that this supposed nation of opportunity, at least equal opportunity, is still more myth than reality.

Riots generally result from frustration and at least perceived injustice and inequality whether it be Lexington and Concord in 1775, Paris in 1789, western Europe in 1848, Russia in 1917 or Ferguson today.

Nikki Haley’s Foreign Vacations

You have to give Gov. Nikki Haley credit. By the end of this week and in less than two years in office, she will have visited three of the world’s great cities. Even better for her, Haley’s foreign vacations are being paid for with taxpayer dollars.

These three trips, London, Paris and Tokyo, are billed under that great government boondoggle category “economic development.” No big surprise there, it’s the category always used when the real intent is ‘We want to use public dollars to advance private agendas.’

In Haley’s case, however, I believe her private agenda is political more than personal. Remember, this is a governor with two paid staffers (taxpayer dollars) to advance her image and profile.