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Curtis Loftis Visits “Big Talk”

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis made an appearance at yesterday’s taping of the “Big Talk” television show.

In the area to address several Republican groups, Loftis agreed to be a special guest on “Big Talk” where he spoke of his conservative approach to government and duties as state treasurer.

Loftis said government should be simple, open and accountable to the citizens, but it is often the bureaucracies surrounding government that make it anything but.

Loftis’ Palmetto Payback Tour Coming Monday

The Palmetto Payback tour of South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis is coming to Horry and Georgetown counties Monday.

The Palmetto Payback Program may be holding unclaimed property which belongs to you. Millions of dollars are transferred to the Program annually by companies who cannot locate the owners. Examples of the type of property covered by the Program include bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, insurance policies and utility deposits. The Palmetto Payback Program does not include tangible property like land or vehicles.

“The property transferred to the Program for safekeeping is held indefinitely for the benefit of the rightful owners,” Loftis said. “If we are holding property for you, you always have the right to claim your property any time at no cost. Until claimed, the funds are used for the good of all South Carolina citizens.”