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Mike Pence and Hoosier Hospitality

One week after signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a retreat.

Indiana lawmakers claimed Hoosier Hospitality returned with an amendment to the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Thursday.

The following is an account of the Indiana General Assembly’s Holy Thursday activities to stem the one week national firestorm against the RFRA.

Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence and Religious Freedom – Update

The Indiana General Assembly and Gov. Mike Pence gave a lesson in U.S. history and politics after passing into law an ill-considered “Religious Freedom” bill last week.

Pence and Republican legislators apparently thought the religious freedom law would be a feather in their caps, endearing them to the far right Republican base and assuring continued election success.

Instead they found themselves in the middle of a public relations firestorm that rapidly was blowing back on them and probably eliminating Pence from any future serious presidential consideration.