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General Assembly Failing Citizens Again

SC House Confederate Flag Debate Today

The SC House of Representatives will begin today what should be the final debate on removal of the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds.

After a bill to remove the flag raced through the SC Senate in the last two days, garnering only three No votes, momentum is on the side of removing the flag.

But, the House may not be as easy even though the bill received first reading approval yesterday.

A total of 26 amendments to the bill are already filed with the possibility of more coming.

Some of the amendments deal with flags to replace the current one when it comes down.

Some are in the realm of the absurd – just like South Carolina politics most of the time.

One, I am told, calls for the American flag to be flown upside down when the Confederate flag is removed. This may not be as ridiculous as it first sounds.

Flying the American flag upside down is an international signal of distress. That seems very appropriate in an area near the statehouse.

The New Jim Crow

Please forgive me, but I had to check my calendar three times today to ensure that it read 2013 because it seems we are back in the Jim Crow era.

That is the case, at least, for a few residents and a teacher from Sullivan, Indiana, which is located 25 miles south of Terre Haute in the southwestern portion of the Hoosier State.

While many of us realize we are in the 21st Century and act accordingly, there is a small select few, who still long for the days of “Separate, but Equal” treatment when it comes to their neighbors.

In case you have missed the circus, it has arrived with all three rings and a big tent in Sullivan