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Governor Nikki Haley’s EthicsReforms – Style Trumps Substance

Nikki Haley’s Festival of Lies

“With all due respect, Mr. Rainey is a racist, sexist bigot who has tried everything in his power to hurt me and my family,” Gov. Nikki Haley told the S.C. House Ethics Committee.

That statement sums up the performance Haley put on for the committee. Combined with what came off as an innocent little girl act, Haley got away with character assassination while Rainey was never called to testify.

This was not an adversarial hearing. Rainey’s complaint was not represented by anyone. Even the attorneys hired by the House to “present” the case did not advocate Rainey’s complaints.

Although not listed on the witness list, Haley was called as a witness by her attorney Butch Bowers. There was no complaint against her testifying by the other side. And Rainey, a lawyer himself, built up a convincing case in his complaint but was never called to present it, defend it or explain it. No accusing witnesses were called.

Rep. Mia Butler Garrick's Session Recap Part 2

Mia Butler Garrick: Where There’s Smoke…

Rep. Mia Butler Garrick’s Session Recap Part 2 By Mia Butler Garrick Now, where were we?  Oh…back to the chaos that seems to monopolize the headlines and ensure South Kakalackey’s rightful place as the laughing stock of the nation.  In case you need a hint, I can sum it up […]