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USDOJ Auditing Horry County Schools

Grand Strand Daily has learned that the US Department of Justice is sending an auditor to Horry County next week to audit the student to teacher ratios in English as a Second Language courses in Horry County Schools.

Why is the Department of Justice auditing student to teacher ratios in an education course?

This reporter spent nearly an hour on the phone with various individuals at the USDOJ headquarters trying to get an answer to that question.

I did find out that the audit is coming through the Civil Rights Division and I did briefly speak to an attorney, described to me as “on the case,” but the attorney would not answer any questions.

(How many times have you heard representatives of federal, state or local government decrying the supposed inaccuracies of stories in the media? What they never tell you is our collective governments do their very best to keep everything they are doing secret from the media.)

Failing to get an answer to my question from DOJ representatives and considering the Civil Rights Division is involved, I am going to hazard a guess the upcoming audit has more behind it than just English as a Second Language student to teacher ratios.

My guess is it also includes the fact that Horry County Schools is at least on the periphery of the transgender bathroom use issue that has the USDOJ so active in Virginia and North Carolina at this time.

Is this a warning shot across the bow that the USDOJ is looking closely at Horry County Schools?

This strikes me as a huge overreach by the federal government.

Consider this, tax dollars paid partially by citizens of Horry County are being used to audit courses in Horry County public schools, paid for by more tax dollars from citizens of Horry County, to determine whether the civil rights of illegal immigrants, many of whom pay no taxes at all, are being violated?

Retirees Don’t Count Illegals Do

Retirees drawing social security (myself included) have already heard there will be no increase in benefits this year.

While the government says inflation is too low to justify an increase in benefits, it evidently is raging in the medical field because we also heard there will be a significant increase in medicare coverage costs.

That’s the government’s way of saying ‘we’re not giving you any more money, but you are going to give us more money.’ (We’ve heard that one most of our lives.)

None of us believe the federal government propaganda that inflation is too low for a cost of living increase with a dozen eggs costing nearly $3 these days and most other food costs way up.

No, it’s that we don’t count anymore. Those in Congress count on us to be relatively predictable in our voting patterns. They have to spend their time, and our money, on those new potential voting blocs – illegal immigrants and refugees!