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Realtors Support Devon Blackwell

Horry County Council District 10 candidate Devon Blackwell secured the support of the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors last week.

Each election cycle, CCAR interviews candidates and announces support with a letter and campaign contribution for various local and state candidates.

CCAR chose Devon Blackwell as the candidate it is supporting in the Horry County Council District 10 Republican Primary.

“I am very proud of being chosen by the association of realtors,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell said District 10 is the largest council district in area in Horry County. He understands the needs of different neighborhoods within the district will differ. He said he will be responsive to all his constituents to meet their needs.

Blackwell supports infrastructure improvements, especially roads and drainage, throughout District 10. He also said he supports reviewing the many regulations on small business to make sure the county is not being hindering the opportunities for small businesses to be successful.

Blackwell said his approach to spending public money will be guided by the question “would you spend your own money for this?”

Blackwell’s opponent in the primary is Danny Hardee, a long time businessman in the Mt. Vernon community in District 10, but who appears to have his primary residence at the Floral Lake subdivision in Surfside Beach, which is not in District 10.

Hardee’s campaign touts his service on the now defunct Horry County Airport Advisory Board and Horry County Solid Waste Authority Board.

Devon Blackwell Kicks Off Campaign

Devon Blackwell kicked off his campaign for Horry County Council District 10 with a barbeque meet and greet in the Red Bluff area earlier this week.

Blackwell is looking to replace incumbent Jody Prince who is retiring from council at the end of this year.

While the evening brought some rain to the hunting camp where the event took place, a good crowd of friends and supporters were on hand.

Blackwell is a first time candidate for political office but is a fifth generation native of Horry County with deep roots in the District 10 communities.

Recently retired from Horry Telephone Cooperative after 35 years with the company, Blackwell said the time is right for him to run for office.

“I have always been interested in politics, especially at the local level,” Blackwell said. “But, I wanted to wait until I retired to run for office. I have already found out campaigning is a full-time job.”

Blackwell said infrastructure, especially roads and drainage, were a concern to his district and throughout the county. He supports making sure first responders are adequately trained and have the equipment necessary to carry out their mission.

In addition, Blackwell said he supported community service projects to clean up litter throughout the county not just the main roads.

Communication with his constituents will be a top priority for Blackwell.

“If you call me with a problem, it is my obligation, as a council member, is to research the issue, then, communicate back to my constituents,” Blackwell said.

With regard to the expenditure of public funds, Blackwell said he will be guided by the question ‘would you spend your own money for this?’

Blackwell said his district, which is the largest land area of all the council districts, has different needs for different areas.