Waste Stream Diversion and the HCSWA

The HCSWA (Horry County Solid Waste Authority) will begin an intensified study of diversion of its waste stream in the upcoming fiscal year.

The first step in this study will be the inclusion of $50,000 in the HCSWA budget for a detailed study of the components of Horry County’s municipal solid waste (MSW) stream.

When that study is completed, it is anticipated the HCSWA will issue some type of request for companies interested in being involved in this diversion process to respond.

HCSWA Waste Stream Study Planned

The Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) is budgeting $50,000 net fiscal year to study the components in its waste stream.

The results of the study will be used as a basis for the HCSWA to issue either a request for qualifications or proposals from firms interested in helping save airspace at the HCSWA landfill on Hwy 90.

The more airspace that can be saved by diverting waste from being buried in the landfill, the longer the life of the landfill can be extended.

Local Officials Look at HCSWA Waste Diversion

Recent discussions about waste stream diversion at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) have spurred some local officials to look into the process.

One example is Aynor mayor Keb Johnson, who is also serving as chairman of the League of Cities this year.

The League of Cities membership is composed of the mayors from the eight incorporated municipalities in Horry County. The League of Cities nominates three members to the HCSWA board and is kept apprised of policies and other decisions of the HCSWA.

The Proper Motivation for HCSWA Waste Stream Diversion

Diverting the waste stream from the HCSWA landfill was the primary directive of Horry County Council when it passed the ordinance creating the solid waste authority over 24 years ago.

For most of the intervening period, this directive was given less than full attention as a succession of HCSWA board members and senior staff pursued personal, selfish agendas.

To its credit, the HCSWA has been successful in more recently developing a recycling agenda that may now divert as much as 50% of the county’s total solid waste stream from the landfill.

Diverting the HCSWA Waste Stream

The HCSWA (Horry County Solid Waste Authority) solid waste stream is again a topic of discussion among officials in Horry County.

One year ago, the discussion was whether the Horry County flow control ordinance should be amended to eliminate construction and demolition (C&D) debris from restrictions.

The flow control ordinance mandated all solid waste generated within the county must be disposed of at the HCSWA landfill on Highway 90.

HCSWA Bid Process Flawed

The process for bidding for work at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) appears to have serious flaws with respect to how public dollars are spent.

The flaws became apparent during a workshop held Thursday November 20, 2014 to discuss why approval of a change order in the amount of $395,000 was justified for current work on the East Hill Fill Closure Project.

When an RFQ for a project at the HCSWA is publicized requesting bids, authority contract engineer Vance Moore told the board, the specifications in the RFQ for scope of work and material needed are only estimates.

HCSWA Board Lobbying Council Vote on By-Laws

The Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) board is lobbying county council members to approve changes to the agency’s by laws at tomorrow night’s council meeting.

The HCSWA board has been working on by-law changes for 18 months, but, now there is a fool’s rush to ramrod a council vote without much consideration or proper procedure being applied.

The county Infrastructure and Regulation Committee first saw the proposed changes last week. The committee has a considerable number of suggestions on further refining of the document.

But, kowtowing to the HCSWA desire to get this done, the committee voted to pass the by-laws to council with a recommendation for approval pending completion of the changes that were discussed.

I&R Committee Needs Serious Study of HCSWA By-laws

The Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) Board of Directors made a further amendment Tuesday night to the amended By-laws it sent to Horry County Council for approval.

The county’s Infrastructure and Regulation Committee will consider the amended bylaws at its regular meeting Monday.

The By-laws of the HCSWA have always sent a mixed bag of mixed messages allowing the authority to claim independence from Horry County Council far too often.

There is no independence. The most recent amendment proves this by stating:

HCSWA Bylaws Topic of Workshop

The HCSWA (Horry County Solid Waste Authority) Board of Directors spent several hours Thursday in a workshop to finalize changes to the agency’s bylaws.

One topic of discussion was how the dissolution of the authority will be handled, if it occurs. Actually, it’s not the board’s call.

Don’t you remember that county council recently passed an ordinance covering just that very situation?

Further Council Scrutiny of HCSWA Needed

It is time for Horry County Council to bring the Horry County Solid Waste Authority (HCSWA) more into line with the actual status of that agency.

Over the past six months, council has taken some good first steps toward establishing more control over its maverick authority on Hwy 90.

But, the work is not done.