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Random Thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri

As riots go, even in this country, the one in Ferguson, Missouri is a pretty small deal.

But, it does demonstrate that this supposed nation of opportunity, at least equal opportunity, is still more myth than reality.

Riots generally result from frustration and at least perceived injustice and inequality whether it be Lexington and Concord in 1775, Paris in 1789, western Europe in 1848, Russia in 1917 or Ferguson today.

UNC Cheating Scandal – Microcosm of America

I was surprised and saddened to read the scope of the UNC cheating scandal that spanned 18 years, but I should have expected it.

Full disclosure requires me to say I am not a Tar Heel fan, don’t bleed Carolina Blue and don’t even like the color.

Nevertheless, I always had a certain respect for the fact that UNC generally fielded highly competitive athletic teams while maintaining a solid academic reputation.

Now we know that is so much smoke and mirrors.