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Bill Levin

The Story of The First Church of Cannabis

The First Church of Cannabis opened July 1, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been making national news ever since.

Here is the behind of scenes story of the First Church of Cannabis as told by founder Bill Levin to Paul E. Gable, Editor of The Shelbyville News in Shelbyville, Indiana.

By Paul E. Gable

‘Life’s a great adventure’

For years, Bill Levin was that guy.

“I had been doing everything a minister does. I was the guy who got the call at 3 a.m. to console a family after their son was arrested. I was the guy people talked to about wanting a divorce. I was the guy people would call to discuss grieving. I have always been the go to guy but never made it formal,” Levin said.
All that changed in 2010 when the former Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate and concert promoter acted and got his minister’s license.

“The concept of a church has always been around in my mind, and there was always a little spark in my soul. I probably would have acted but Gov. (Mike) Pence provided the fertilizer in the state and I took the opportunity,” Levin said.

Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence and Religious Freedom – Update

The Indiana General Assembly and Gov. Mike Pence gave a lesson in U.S. history and politics after passing into law an ill-considered “Religious Freedom” bill last week.

Pence and Republican legislators apparently thought the religious freedom law would be a feather in their caps, endearing them to the far right Republican base and assuring continued election success.

Instead they found themselves in the middle of a public relations firestorm that rapidly was blowing back on them and probably eliminating Pence from any future serious presidential consideration.