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Laundering Drug Cartel and Terrorist Money

In case you missed it, WMBF News did an excellent in-depth investigation into possible drug cartel and terrorist money being funneled through Horry County.

It comes from the lack of state regulation, actually the refusal of the SC General Assembly to apply any regulations to the money transfer services business.

According to the report, there are over 3,000 of these money transfer services businesses operating in Horry and Georgetown counties alone. Much of the money transferred out of the state is going to drug cartels and terrorist organizations.

South Carolina is alone among the 50 states in failing to regulate this industry.

While it looks like a bill to ban the tattooing and piercing of dogs and cats will successfully pass the SC General Assembly into law this year, our legislators can’t be bothered with looking at an industry that allows a lot of our money to be passed to organizations no “red” state should support.