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Loris City Elections

The unofficial December 1, 2015 general election results for Loris mayor and three city council seats are:


Michael Suggs 186

Henry Nichols 175

George Protz 105

Loris City Council

Jerry Hardee 255

Joan Gause 245

Michael Dozier 205

Jan Vescovi 193

Thessolonia Graham 182

Kimberly Rudelitch 122

The city election commission will certify results at 10:30 AM tomorrow at City Hall.

There are 10 provisional ballots to be considered by the election commission.

Based on the above results, if certified, the top three vote getters in the city council race, Jerry Hardee, Joan Gause and Michael Dozier, have won election to city council for four year terms.

There will be a runoff election for mayor between Michael Suggs and Henry Nichols on December 15, 2015.