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Prosser: Act Now to Lower Gas Prices

The unseasonably warm winter in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand makes the wait for summer seem that much shorter. But with gas prices spiking, summer could mean less trips to the beach and fewer vacations for many American families.

As director of South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism for eight years, I closely monitored the impact of gas prices on visitor spending. Even when families are able to take their cherished summer beach vacation, the bite that higher gas prices takes from their wallets curtails spending on restaurants, attractions and souvenirs, and often shortens their trip.

In addition to the direct impact on tourism, higher gas prices also ripple through the economy increasing the costs for businesses, including our critical distribution centers in the area. These higher costs are passed through to cash-strapped consumers in the form of higher prices.

Prosser Added to NRCC ‘Young Guns’ Program

– The National Republican Congressional Committee named former Sanford Cabinet member Chad Prosser to ‘On the Radar’ status with the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District. Prosser rose to this level in less than one month of campaigning, an impressive feat showing the momentum his campaign has generated.

In only a few weeks since announcing his candidacy, Chad Prosser has established a district wide network of financial supporters, which will ensure that Chad has the resources necessary to communicate his message to voters across the district. “The NRCC’s Young Guns program is a great program that supports candidates to ensure that the best Republican candidate makes it through to the general election,” said Prosser. “I am honored to be included in this program, a step that further validates the momentum we have generated less than a month into this race.”

Prosser Signs Pledge To Refuse Tax Increases

Former Sanford PRT Director and Horry County Council Chairman Chad Prosser signed the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” The pledge binds the signer to oppose income tax increases during their time in Congress. Prosser also announced his participation in two forums today where voters can come out to hear how he will bring his experiences gained in both private and public sector management to bear in reforming Washington.

“I’m running for Congress because I have a track record in managing successful businesses, bringing conservative reform to government and ending irresponsible fiscal policies,“ said Prosser. “I applaud Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform for working to hold Washington politicians accountable and forcing them to go on the record against reckless tax increases. With our economy in the shape it is in, the last thing Americans need is tax increases.”

SC 7th CD candidates meet and greet

LITCHFIELD, SC – The nine Republican candidates running for the new 7th Congressional seat in South Carolina took part in a meet and greet with voters Thursday in Georgetown County.

The event took about three hours because of the amount of candidates. Each campaign set up a table in the lobby of the Tara Theater at Litchfield Beach Resort.

During that time the candidates took questions from voters. Then in a more formal portion of the event, each candidate took to the stage for ten minutes.

First up was former SC Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer. Bauer called the campaign a job interview and said that he hopes to be the voice of the 7th district in Washington.

Bauer said he will make tough decisions to create jobs and cut waste in Congress.

Retired businessman and Surfside resident Dick Withington spoke next. He brought props on to the stage including a sword to illustrate his military experience and a whip to show his displeasure with what some congressmen are doing.

Chad Prosser Announces for Congress in SC-7

Former Sanford Cabinet Member and Horry County Council Chairman Looks to Change Washington

Chad Prosser announced today that he will seek the Republican nomination for South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District. Prosser is a proven leader, job creator and conservative reformer who is tired of what is coming out of Washington.

Prosser served as the director of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism under Governor Mark Sanford. Serving under the most fiscally conservative governor in a generation, Prosser brought accountability and efficiency to the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Prosser followed Governor Sanford’s no-nonsense approach to fiscal conservatism and public accountability, reforming the agency and discarding notions in favor of sweeping changes. Prosser’s reforms saved taxpayer dollars and increased tourism, helping small businesses and creating private sector jobs.