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Curtis Loftis Visits “Big Talk”

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis made an appearance at yesterday’s taping of the “Big Talk” television show.

In the area to address several Republican groups, Loftis agreed to be a special guest on “Big Talk” where he spoke of his conservative approach to government and duties as state treasurer.

Loftis said government should be simple, open and accountable to the citizens, but it is often the bureaucracies surrounding government that make it anything but.

Opponents Hit Out at Curtis Loftis

Opponents of S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis are trying to discredit the settlement he reached recently with Bank of New York Mellon over past investments directed by the bank.

Loftis said the overall value of the settlement is over $100 million. S.C. Retirement Systems Investment Commission chairman Reynolds Williams called it “measly.”

This is another round in the ongoing battle between Loftis and Reynolds. Shortly after Loftis took office in January 2011, Williams tried to smear Loftis with allegations he was involved in a pay to play scheme with potential investment brokers.