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Awendaw Illegal Annexation Voided by State Court

A state court recently voided an annexation by the Town of Awendaw because the town didn’t bother to follow state law in the annexation process.

Without getting too technical, the town used a 10 foot wide strip of land through the Francis Marion National Forest to connect the town to a pocket of private land within the national forest boundaries.

Awendaw has used this process several times since 1994 to annex pockets of private land located within the overall confines of the national forest property. The strips of national forest land were the only way Awendaw could bring town property adjacent to the private land areas it annexed.

Myrtle Beach City Council Misses Target With Annexation Vote

A special election referendum will hold the fate of a number of businesses along the U.S. 17 Bypass corridor as Myrtle Beach City Council tries to annex them into the city limits next week.

There is nothing about this proposed annexation that makes it seem like anything other than a land and money grab by Myrtle Beach City Council.

A nearly two year old petition was resurrected in late spring as the basis of the annexation attempt.