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Jerry Merrithew, Afghanistan

Jerry Merrithew Brings Unique Experience to Berkeley County Sheriff Race

As a young boy, Jerry Merrithew would accompany his grandfather to the state park at which his grandfather was superintendent.

“I met many different law enforcement officers and I would sit with them and listen to them talk of their experiences,” said Merrithew. “I gained a lot of respect for the work they did and decided I would like to pursue a law enforcement career.”

After graduating from Berkeley High School in 1980, Merrithew bided his time until he secured his first law enforcement position with the Harleyville Police Department in 1985.

Afghanistan War Veteran Takes Fight to 7th Congressional District Race

Katherine Jenerette, a US Army Paratrooper and a former US Congressional Field Representative, who just returned home eleven weeks ago from a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan, announced her bid for the newly formed 7th District Congressional Seat.

“I’m not the kind of person who sits on the sidelines when there’s a fight going on and work to be done for the people of our state, district and our country,” Jenerette said. “I’ve been places where you have to do a lot more than talk tough and whoever the people of this district decide to send to Washington had better be ready to hit the ground running and know when it’s time to dance and when it’s time to play hardball.”