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A Brief Shining Moment for Southern Holdings Plaintiffs

Sunshine broke through into a S.C. Circuit Courtroom yesterday highlighting at least one brief shining moment for the plaintiffs of the original Southern Holdings lawsuit.

Judge Doyet A. Early, III showed his courtroom follows the law, which, especially for the original Southern Holdings plaintiffs through the years, has been all too rare. He held forth as a judge who is not interested in the corrupt backroom deals that often smear the S.C. legal system, but, rather, in the truth.

As a result of Judge Early’s decisions yesterday, attorneys John Rakowsky and Adrian Falgione will have to answer questions, both will be deposed and discovery will move forward in the Rakowsky v. Falgione et al interpleader action.

S.C. Legal System on Trial at High Noon

A noon hearing in a Columbia court room could go a long way to proving how much legitimacy should be attached to what passes for a legal system in South Carolina.

The issues aren’t big on their surface – a simple motions hearing on several motions associated with an interpleader action.

An interpleader action originates when a party holds property on behalf of another but does not know to whom the property should be transferred. It asks the court to make the decision.

Judge to Look At Southern Holdings Missing Money

A S.C. District Court judge has put off further hearings for three months with respect to remaining litigation funds from the Southern Holdings case while he considers various motions that have been ignored since 2008.

One of those motions regards the missing approximately $60,000 that was never included in an accounting provided to the court by attorneys John Rakowsky and Adrian Falgione. Rakowsky’s trust fund was allegedly used for the accounting.

According to information provided to the court, LawMax, Litfunding and Resolution Settlement Corporation advanced at least $125,000 to Southern Holdings plaintiffs’ attorneys Rakowsky and Falgione to be used for funding expenses, not including lawyer’s fees, associated with the case.

Southern Holdings Interpleader in Court Today

Another hearing on litigation funds held over from the Southern Holdings case will be held in court in Richland County today.

This case has been ongoing since 2008, after the Southern Holdings plaintiffs tried to get the remaining funds held by their attorneys, Lexington chief magistrate judge John Rakowsky and co-counsel Adrian Falgione, released.

However, as with everything that touches the Southern Holdings case, this hearing will inevitably leave more questions than it will provide answers.

Even the amount of the funds in question remains very much a mystery. There appears to be at least $60,000 missing from Rakowsky’s accounting.

S.C. Legal System Stacked Against Laymen

There seems to be a de facto informal system within the S. C legal system whereby officers of the court protect each other regardless of what laws, regulations and the code of conduct require.

Those of you who have served in the military, especially the Army, may be familiar with the term West Point Protection Association.

This was a term derisively used, especially during the Vietnam War, to describe an informal system whereby West Point graduates protected the records of each other regardless of rank or other considerations. One West Pointer protected another regardless of what actually happened in the field.