SLED Visits Latta Town Hall

By Paul Gable

Latta Town Council made good on its promise to request a SLED investigation into “suspicious activity” at Latta Town Hall.

According to reports, two SLED agents were inside Latta Town Hall for approximately three hours Tuesday. After a review of information gathered during the visit, SLED will determine whether a full investigation is warranted.

The investigation was requested by a majority of town council members after Latta’s change from a “strong mayor” to “strong council” form of government was approved by referendum vote last week.

Latta Town Hall was ordered sealed by town council Friday morning after the referendum vote was certified.

Council members said they will more fully address the investigation at next week’s scheduled council meeting.

Additionally, Freddie Davis, the man hired as police chief by Mayor Earl Bullard, after the referendum but before the referendum vote was certified, has reportedly hired an attorney.

Council members said they received a letter from an attorney representing Davis inquiring whether Davis had a job or not.

At a specially called council meeting last Friday evening, council voted to send a letter to Davis saying the contract that he had reportedly signed with Bullard was invalid. Council also voted unanimously, Bullard was absent, to reinstate former police chief Crystal Moore who Bullard fired in April, ostensibly for her sexual orientation.

The contract required the approval of town council before it could become valid, something Bullard never obtained.

Moore remains on the job as police chief.


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