SC Republican Leader Seeks Infrastructure Debate

May 27, 2015
For Immediate Release


COLUMBIA, S.C. – In an attempt to address the State’s pressing highway infrastructure issue, Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler moved to deviate from the Order of business in the S.C. Senate to consider the roads bill.  There were several attempts to prevent that motion by members of the democratic caucus, despite earlier statements that roads were their priority.  However Senator Peeler’s motion prevailed stopping the current filibuster for the day.  By doing so, the Senate gave third reading to the Pain Capable Bill, which would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks and began debate on the much anticipated bill regarding highway infrastructure.

In his motion Senator Peeler outlined his desire of reaching an agreement for a plan for S.C.’s ailing roads and bridges.  He further stated the plan should be a three-prong approach, addressing DOT governance reform, tax relief and infrastructure funding.

“My constituents want something done to improve their roads and bridges, the business community wants something done with their roads and bridges, the Senate Republicans want something done with their roads and bridges, I have listened and I am doing everything I can to lead the Senate to a thorough debate of all of our options.”


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