SC House District 106 Forum

By Paul Gable

The South Strand Republican Club is hosting a candidate forum for the four candidates in the SC House District 106 special election.

The forum will take place at the Horry County Burgess Community Recreation Center on Scipio Lane beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday July 21, 2015. The first hour will consist of a social hour where you can meet candidates informally. Questioning will begin at 7 p.m.

This is another opportunity for House District 106 voters to see and hear the four Republican candidates who filed for the special election Republican primary prior to voting.

The four candidates who have filed for the special Republican primary are Russell Fry, Sanford Cox “Sam” Graves, Tyler Servant and Dr. Roy Sprinkle. No Democratic candidates filed for the vacant seat.

Voting in the special primary election will be held Tuesday July 28, 2015 with a primary runoff Tuesday August 11, 2015 if no candidate garners 50% plus one of the votes cast.

Former Horry County Council member Carl Schwartzkopf will be acting as the moderator of the forum.

Questions will include both state issues and legislative delegation coordination with local governments so Horry County citizens are not forgotten in Columbia.

Special elections, especially in the summer months, can turn on a few votes. It is important to hear the candidates’ speak on their qualifications and the issues they consider most in need of addressing at the state level.

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