S.C. Budget and Control Board

S.C. Budget and Control Board Ignored Law?

S.C. Budget and Control BoardOther suits expected to follow in fight over state workers’ insurance costs

By Adam Beam

A USC chemistry professor has sued some of the state’s most powerful politicians, asking the courts to put to rest a lingering question in state government: Who is in charge?

Thomas A. Bryson, director of graduate studies for USC’s chemistry and biochemistry department, filed a class-action lawsuit in Richland County on behalf of all state employees, challenging the State Budget and Control Board’s 3-2 decision last week to make state workers pay more for their health insurance, starting next year.

The budget board’s move, proposed by Gov. Nikki Haley and praised by some taxpayer groups, would save the state $5.8 million but cost the average state worker or retiree an extra $7.24 a month.

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OUR VIEW: Haley makes fiscal case politically, pushes elimination of budget board by using panel to challenge legislative authority. The Budget and Control Board was the subject of much debate in the past legislative session, with Gov. Nikki Haley 

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