Roddy Dickinson Retiring from Treasurer’s Post

By Paul Gable

In the final year of his third term as Horry County Treasurer, Roddy Dickinson announced recently that he would not be seeking a fourth term in office.

“I could not commit to spending another full four year term in office and I’m not going to run for office and quit halfway through,” said Dickinson. “It’s time for me to move on.”

When he completes his 12th and final year as Treasurer at the end of December 2016, Dickinson will have a total of 32 years of service with Horry County Government.

“My first 15 years were with the Finance Office,” said Dickinson. “I moved to the Treasurer’s office when Johnnie Allen was Treasurer. When Allen retired, he supported me in my bid to succeed him.”

The Treasurer’s office has responsibility for collecting current and delinquent property taxes; has oversight over accommodations and hospitality tax collections in the county; is responsible for delinquent tax sale of property and invests revenue for Horry County, Horry County Schools, Horry County Department of Airports and Horry County Solid Waste Authority.

During his time in office, the population of Horry County grew by approximately 100,000 placing demands on the office as a significant amount of new residential property was added to the tax rolls.

“The Treasurer’s job was probably the biggest challenge of my life,” said Dickinson. “We went through a significant explosion of technology since I first took office in 2005 and have added services to the public while keeping staff positions steady.”

Dickinson also steered the office through the difficult period of economic recession caused by the burst of the national housing bubble and succeeding banking crisis in 2008.

“A lot of property in Horry County was lost,” said Dickinson. “Many individuals and developers in Horry County were overextended in the boom years. When the bubble burst, a lot of people couldn’t pay their taxes.”

The Treasurer’s office is limited by state law as to what it can do in those situations. However, Dickinson said it was difficult listening to those seriously affected by the crisis.

Dickinson said he enjoyed working with the employees of the office and instituting new procedures for paying taxes while adding technology services.

“I will leave the office believing it is in a stronger position than when I took over,” he said. “I appreciate the support I have had from the citizens through the years and hope I have returned that support to the people.”

Dickinson said he is endorsing and supporting the candidacy of Jonathan Hyman to succeed him in office.

“Jonathan has been with the Treasurer’s office for about 15 years,” said Dickinson. “He understands the requirements and challenges of the job. Jonathan is a humble man who I think will make a great Treasurer. I am endorsing his candidacy and will fully support his campaign for election.”


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