Reader Slams Attacks on Bubba Owens

By Deena Lake

I saw some really nasty and what I felt was unfair mud-slinging in this race this year towards Mr. Bubba Owens from his competitors.

I hate mud-slinging!

Mr Kelly and his campaign manager Mr Jim Wiles brought up Mr. Owens past public records for prior years. (I think we all have a past).

In reviewing them it appeared to me that they were either dismissed or never proved to be true. I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty.

Shame on you Mr. Kelly for allowing this to happen!

I hope and have so far seen that Mr. Owens has much more class than that. Usually though when you try pointing a finger at someone else you usually have 3 more pointing at yourself.

It is my assumption that Mr. Owens is a born and bred Horry County man. I will guess that Mr. Kelly is not.

I have many many friends from up North. They love it down here. Taxes are lower, cost of living is lower, the weather is better. Most of us get along fine and we love the friendships.

What most of us do not like is when people retire from up north, move to Horry County and then try to change our lifestyle which seems to always make the natives (our) taxes go up so that things can be done to the standards that you had up north.

Most of us do not take kindly to that. (Making much more money there to retire than most Horry County people).

Nothing against a good living, but don’t retire here and immediately start insulting the southerners or expect them to have the money to keep you in style.

Remember we were here first. Some here never had the means to retire.

I honestly can’t count on one hand any Horry County people that have retired and moved up north and tried to tell any of our northern friends how to live.

I have seen where Mr. Owens has helped out many people over the past with many problems. I would like to see a debate between Mr. Owens and Mr. Kelly on that issue alone.

I would like for Mr. Kelly and Mr. Wiles to “knock it off” , stop the mud-slinging, and start discussing real issues with the people.

I encourage Mr. Owens to try to pick up the backing of any candidates that fall away for any re-runs or re-votes.

I would definitely vote for Mr. Owens. He has helped my family greatly in striving to keep my daughter alive along with helping many others.

I would encourage all to go to the polls and vote for Bubba Owens. Just the opinion of an old lady!! /dl

(Ed. Note – The writer is the mother of a woman for whom Bubba Owens recently held a fundraiser to help pay for expenses associated with an upcoming liver transplant.)

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