Nikki Haley and The State, Simpatico in Every Respect

Nikki Haley and The State, Simpatico…

Nikki Haley and The State, Simpatico in Every RespectNikki Haley and The State, Simpatico in Every Respect

By Paul Gable

It is obvious that Gov. Nikki Haley has a direct, sympathetic line into the editorial rooms of the mainstream media.

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Sunday we heard that Haley’s hopes of being Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee are stronger than ever after she was cleared of ethics charges by a two day investigation.

Let’s be clear, Haley was not ever tried for ethics charges against her. The “two day investigation” was nothing but a staged, friendly hearing before a House Ethics Committee pre-destined to dismiss the charges.

No witnesses were called to make a case against her. How can you have an investigation when the only witnesses called were those that would exonerate her?

Furthermore, Haley’s $60 million in budget vetoes this week were a joke. For someone calling herself a conservative, she found very little to cut out of a budget that totaled nearly $7 billion in the general fund and $23 billion overall.

The General Assembly was the recipient of nearly $1 billion in extra revenue and managed to spend it all. Haley, who likes to pit herself as opposing the ‘good ole boy’ system, allowed virtually all of the extra $1 billion in spending to stand.

Is this the work of a conservative governor who espouses less spending and limited government?

When running for governor, Haley used Tea Party support to win the election, then, promptly forgot about it. This year, her two most notable endorsements, Mitt Romney for the presidential nomination and Tom Rice for the new 7th District Congressional seat, were not the candidates of choice of Tea Party members.

Haley has already told us she intends to get involved in the fall elections for the statehouse, including backing petition candidates at the expense of nominees of her own party. That’s okay, those targeted probably don’t want her endorsement anyway.

And if you want to watch her at her dirtiest, watch as she attempts to impugn Sen. Jake Knotts integrity while attempting to build another “Movement” for a candidate of questionable intellect and a non-existent platform.

We hear so much about job creation being a top goal of the governor, but her SC Department of Transportation can’t even get its budget together enough to repair, let alone resurface, state roads. Keep working on job creation while the infrastructure falls apart.

At least Haley has the good taste to take great vacations on the state’s dime – last year the Paris air show, this year the Farnsborough air show outside of London. It’s especially nice for Haley to take her champagne ideas and caviar dreams to those two cities if she’s not paying.

Haley is all about moving forward on her personal agenda. Right now, the governorship is the tool to make that happen.

As a former supporter and donor said, “Nikki Haley has an agenda and it is all about Nikki Haley; it has absolutely nothing to do with the people of South Carolina period.”

But the mainstream media forgives all Haley’s transgressions. They find it easier to get on their knees to beg for the few journalistic crumbs she tosses them, as opposed to getting out and thoroughly investigating her honesty, effectiveness and truthfulness. Hopefully the voters can look beyond these transparent stories to see what is really happening in Columbia.

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