Mike Irvin Announces for Chesterfield Sheriff

By Paul Gable

Mike Irvin became the first person to publicly announce his candidacy for Sheriff of Chesterfield County Tuesday.

Irvin is a decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in the Bosnian conflict and also brings law enforcement experience to his candidacy from the McBee Police Department and as a deputy sheriff with Chesterfield County.

He lives in McBee with his wife, Lacey, and daughter, Taylan.

In January 2013, Irvin resigned from the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department after becoming uncomfortable with some of the things he saw in the department.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker was indicted in March 2013 on four counts of Misconduct in Office and two counts of Furnishing Contraband to Inmates. Further charges of Official Misconduct in Office and Embezzlement were added in August 2013.

“Recent events call into question the integrity of leadership in law enforcement, its role in our community and the safety of our families and the community at-large,” said Irvin at his announcement. “I believe in good government, and I know you do too! Good government is fair, open, transparent, and accountable to the people in all matters.”

“We’re gonna do the right thing every time something happens,” added Irvin. “We’re gonna be there for the public and get public involvement back behind the sheriff’s office. Once you get the public back behind you, you can be a strong sheriff’s office.”

Irvin’s announcement was attended by approximately 200 supporters from across the county.

Official filing for office will open January 2014 with primary elections in June and the general election in November.

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