Mia McLeod Requests Better Protection for Clinics

Rep. Mia McLeod calls on Gov. Haley to increase security at women’s health centers in South Carolina

Columbia, SC – On Monday, State Representative Mia McLeod called on Governor Haley to increase security at women’s health centers in South Carolina following the deadly shooting of three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rep. McLeod (D-Richland) said Governor Haley’s personal politics should take a backseat to the safety and wellbeing of health professionals and patients at South Carolina clinics.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, our focus right now should be to make sure what happened in Colorado Springs doesn’t happen in Columbia or Charleston,” said Rep. Mia McLeod. “The anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric has been more prevalent in South Carolina than anywhere else in the country, and Governor Haley would be wise to tone down her own rhetoric and instead beef up security at our clinics. The safety and wellbeing of patients and those who work at women’s health centers in our state should be our top priority.”

Rep. McLeod said Governor Haley should take seriously the FBI’s warning in September that attacks on women’s health centers were likely.

“The FBI warned us that attacks on women’s health centers were likely and now three people are dead, including one police officer,” said McLeod. “Governor Haley should not wait for one of these attacks to happen in her own backyard before she acts. We need increased security at South Carolina clinics now.”

McLeod also said the recent hateful rhetoric about women’s health centers by South Carolina leaders gives her great concern for the safety of local clinics.

“Words matter,” said McLeod. “And the hateful rhetoric around the country about women’s health centers likely drove this man to commit those heinous acts in Colorado. I’m afraid some of the rhetoric being tossed around by some South Carolina politicians may motivate someone here at home to try the same thing. We can’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of our citizens.”

Representative McLeod is asking Governor Haley to coordinate with SLED and local law enforcement to closely monitor clinics in South Carolina.

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