Lindsey Graham in the Bullseye

By Paul Gable

A new super PAC was launched this week in South Carolina with a goal to defeat Sen. Lindsey Graham in his bid for re-election in 2014.

Formed by the grassroots non-profit political organization Carolina Conservatives United, it will be calling on conservatives within the state to defeat Graham in the upcoming 2014 election.

“We never know which Lindsey Graham will show up in Washington each day,” said CCU Chairman Bob Carroll in a press release.  “He’s more likely to side with liberal Senate Democrats on important votes than with Senator Tim Scott or the South Carolina Republican Congressional delegation.”

Graham appears to understand he is in for a rough battle next year and is already in re-election mode. Last month he was advocating sending U.S. arms and troops into the civil war in Syria. This week he said he will introduce a resolution in the Senate, by October, to “take out” the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Can North Korea, Russia and even China be far behind on Graham’s re-election hit list?

We know Graham likes to appear strong on national defense issues. He’s been in Iraq and Afghanistan, on “assessment” trips, more than any active duty soldier.

When he dons his Air Force Reserve uniform Graham becomes a warrior in his own mind. Did you ever see as many medals on the uniform of any other JAG officer?

But a little common sense from a four term Congressman and two term Senator doesn’t seem too much to ask.


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