Interview with Jeb Bush Jr.

By Jordan Cooper

(Ed. Note – Jordan Cooper is a senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in history. He contributes articles on political issues/events from time to time.)

I had the opportunity to speak with Jeb Bush Jr. one of the more polished minds in the public arena about how youth could be involved in the political process and what to expect after Obama maybe even from his own dad Jeb Bush.

His name is Jeb Bush Jr. As you will see after you read thru this Q&A, Jeb Jr. is not focused on politics.  He is attentive to uplifting every American to be better off than they were after the changes are made.

He is dedicated to carrying the people’s interests and reconstructing the American dream based upon the new issues that we face day in and day out.  Enjoy.

  1. Where do you think your dad can improve on where President Obama left off?

Oh man there are some important issues that Obama has turned a blind eye to.  Where shall I begin? On a more serious note, my dad is not a candidate. He still has yet to make his final decision.  But if decides to run he’d be a great president for our generation. Too many of President Obama’s policies haven’t helped Americans rise up-especially young adults. The first thing we need to do is restore confidence among millenials that the opportunity to reach the American Dream is alive and real! It’s time for everyone to notice that and want to keep America exceptional in the free world.

  1. How do you think America can recognize the contributions and cure the struggles that underrepresented groups have been thru?

America is unique in that we are able to overcome big obstacles , and most of the time end up more united because of the struggles we’ve shared. I felt a little differently lately about this.  Yet, I think the best way to forge ahead is to bridge the gap between education and careers by embracing market-based solutions and increasing economic opportunity. Protecting the free enterprise system for the next generation will give all people, regardless of race, color, religion, orientation the opportunity to thrive regardless of the circumstances. That is the foundation to get people to be able to step up to their personal goals.

  1. How do you think your involvement in SunPac, MavPac, and Right to Rise has helped the situation for all citizens?

I am trying my best to help create positive change in our community. I founded SunPac along with other entrepreneurs to encourage more young people to become engaged in the political process. We improved the direction of our community by supporting conservative candidates, particularly Hispanics, in their campaigns for elected office.

MavPac is the leading network for young professionals who are shaping the future of the Republican Party across the nation.  Together, we have created a coalition of conservative thought leaders that are preparing America for its bright future. We have grown to 20 chapters across the U.S., hosted over 75 events , and raised over $1.5 million for candidates who share our vision for America.

The Right to Rise PAC is working to advance the promise of America. My priority is to make sure that millennials have a voice, and that their views are included in the conservation about policies that impact their future. I cherish traveling across our nation and meeting young entrepreneurs who are excited and ready to get involved in building a better America. It’s great to see so much engagement #GenR2R is really becoming a movement! I pray that this spirit lasts for the next generation to be encouraged by our action.

  1. What would you say to voters who compare your dad to your family?  Or to other governors (i.e. Perry or Romney)?

I believe, as I am sure many of the readers will agree, that everyone should be treated as their own person. That’s what our generation is all about. Are you different from your siblings or parents?  I am sure you are.  My dad has his own record independent of my uncle or grandfather.  I would strongly encourage Americans to look at my dad’s record when he was the Governor of Florida. The positive impacts of his leadership and policies have affected many Floridians, especially minorities and low income children. He allowed for innovation in education, fostering programs like the first statewide voucher program, which gave students , and parents more options and accountability in education. As an enduring legacy, there are now more than a quarter-million Florida students who participate in some sort of school choice program in Florida. Finally, he also helped to close the achievement gap for all students, which gave all students the chance to succeed.  My dad instilled that with education your chances to succeed can be limitless.  I think every American should adopt this belief too.

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