Horry County Budget Workshop Next Week

By Paul Gable

Horry County Council will begin deliberations for its FY 2016 Horry County budget next Friday at a workshop and specially called council meeting.

Now that elections are over and several new council members are poised to join the governing body in the new year, we will see just how “conservative” our heavily Republican contingent on council really is.

My guess is the cronyism that has justified what I consider wasteful council spending in certain areas will continue to manifest itself.

If you, as a taxpayer, are concerned about how your tax dollars are spent, watch discussions on the below list of potential expenditures to see how the questions are answered.

Will council continue to spend over $1 million per year funding the underperforming Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation?

Have enough changes been made at Coast RTA, since the demise of former General Manager Myers Rollins, for council to continue to justify its annual $1.06 million funding of the agency?

Will AvCraft receive another dose of corporate welfare, in the form of further rent reductions and/or rent forgiveness, so that it can continue to not produce new jobs?

Will council continue to give little to no scrutiny to the Horry County Solid Waste Authority budget or will it begin to study how this agency’s flood of excess cash can be better used to help the citizens?

What impact, if any, will the proposed change in ownership and planned refurbishment of Carolina Southern Railroad have on the county budget?

Will challenges to recently reassessed property values impact general fund revenue to any significant amount?

What is the back story and real ramifications behind the proposed switch from an 800 MHz public safety radio system to a 900 MHz system?

These are just some of the questions that taxpayers should be paying attention to as county council begins to plan how to spend your tax dollars next year.


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