Independence Day 2012 - Photo Credit Bluffton Today

Honoring the USA on Independence Day

Independence Day 2012 - Photo Credit Bluffton TodayHonoring the USA on Independence Day

By Elise Cooper

Independence Day, better known as July Fourth, is a national holiday established to honor the founding of America.  The holiday also commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.  American Thinker interviewed a few patriots who have served their country, asking them what this holiday means to them, as well as how current events affect American values.

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) celebrates this holiday by reconnecting with family and country.  For him, the most important American values are personal accountability and responsibility.  Part of this country’s greatness is that anyone “can make something of themselves.  You can aspire to do exceptional things, yet if you fail, you have the opportunity to build again.  That is the magic of America.”

Fast and Furious and the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona immigration law are examples cited by Congressman Gosar of issues having an effect on American values.  He insists that the Obama administration used Fast and Furious to attack American’s Second Amendment rights, a core part of America.  “Gunsellers were e-mailing and calling, saying how uncomfortable they were having to sell these guns.  Yet ATF told them to do it anyway and did not attempt to track these guns sold to the Mexican drug cartel.  This was done to try to catch our Second Amendment folks in a double jeopardy.”
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