Graham Allen Postpones Campaign Event in Myrtle Beach

By Paul Gable

Graham Allen, the carpetbagger from Mississippi via Anderson, S.C. running for the SC 7th Congressional District Republican nomination, postponed a campaign event scheduled for Myrtle Beach last night.

Campaign events, especially for candidates attempting to raise their name recognition, are rarely postponed except because of exceptional circumstances.

However, according to a posting on Facebook, this one was postponed because the event’s apparent headliners, Republican House members Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were unable to attend.

Was the Allen campaign afraid nobody would show up if Gaetz and Greene weren’t there?

Does Allen have no message to convey to people he wants to represent in Congress without the help of Gaetz and Greene?

According to the most recent campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, Allen has raised a total of $642,000 for his Congressional run with almost none of that amount coming from 7th District voters. The amount does not include a $92,000 loan from the candidate to his campaign. The report also shows a total of $435,000 has been spent by the campaign so far with barely a flicker of a rise in Allen’s name recognition among 7th Congressional District voters.

The only thing really known about Allen is he is running against incumbent Tom Rice because Rice voted to impeach former President Donald Trump and Allen vows to save America from the Communists in Washington.

Even if he just addressed those two issues, does Allen not have enough to say about them to convince the segment of Republican voters he is attempting to attract to vote for him?

Apparently not as the message said the event would be rescheduled for a time when Gaetz and Greene could attend.

Can anyone imagine Donald Trump postponing a campaign event because other people who were supposed to appear with him couldn’t make it? Trump knew he was the headliner for his campaign events and he knew it was his job to attract voters to support him and not rely on others to get the job done.

Allen is not from the 7th Congressional District. The vast majority of his campaign contributors are not from the 7th Congressional District or South Carolina. His campaign event headliners are not from the 7th Congressional District or South Carolina.

Don’t be surprised if Allen takes his campaign to a new level of crazy by holding all of his future campaign events not in the 7th Congressional District either. That may be his only chance to draw a crowd.

For now, the Air Mississippi Magic Carpetbag appears to be grounded for lack of passengers. Maybe new destinations will be added in the future.

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