Ed Carey Endorses Brenda Bethune in Runoff

By Ed Carey

Though the final outcome of my campaign for Mayor last Tuesday didn’t result inmy election, I am forever grateful for the experience and want to extend a sincere “thank you” to all of you who supported me. I am very proud of the effort we expended. The lessons I learned, the people I met, the issues I advanced and the incredibly close 3rd place finish I achieved made the entire experience well worth the effort.

To those of you who supported one of the other candidates, thank you too for caring enough about the future of our community to make the effort to vote last week. I hope our campaign made a positive contribution in encouraging you to get involved and make the effort to vote.

While I truly believe that the success of our city depends on our residents coming together as one, I also believe that our strength is derived from our neighborhoods and communities and the unique characteristics of each.

During the campaign, I had the opportunity to interact and meet each of the other candidates running. I listened to each of their answers during our debates and forums. I watched each of them interact with voters who had questions and input. I saw how each of them dealt with contentious issues in high-pressure situations. The reason for my post to you today is to personally inform you that after factoring in all of those things, I have decided to endorse Brenda Bethune in the runoff election next Tuesday, November 21st.

Brenda and I have a lot in common. We’re both businesspeople who know the importance of leadership and cooperation. We’re both political newcomers who have new, fresh ideas. We’re both tired of City Hall doing everything like its always been done and who want real, substantive change for our city. We both love our city and want only the best for those who live here, run a business here, and visit here. And we both want change.

There are two issues that really did it for me. First is the issue of crime and the need for a new, fresh approach to public safety. For too long, the politicians at City Hall have hid their collective heads in the sand. It finally came to a crisis-point this year, when the FBI confirmed that the violent crime rate in our city has risen again in the past year. Brenda said frequently on the campaign trail that government’s number one job is the protection and security of our citizens, and only until our city leaders place a higher priority on ending crime and making folks here feel safe will our city be able to reach it’s potential. Brenda is right.

Second is the issue of single member voting districts. The founders clearly intended that every individual in every neighborhood deserves representation. Brenda Bethune understands this and supports fair representation through single member districts.

Next Tuesday, November 21, there will be a state-mandated runoff election for Mayor. I urge you to join me in supporting Brenda Bethune, the only voice for real change in this important runoff election.

If you have any questions about Brenda…call her, she’s always been very responsive and helpful. I’m sure she’d love to hear directly from you.

Thank you for your consideration. The future of our city really will be impacted by who we choose next week to be our Mayor. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Brenda Bethune. Together we can be the change we want to see! Thank you.



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