More Attacks on Curtis Loftis

By Paul Gable

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis was subjected to another attack by the good ole boys at the S.C. Retirement System Investment Commission last week when staffer and former state senator Greg Ryberg went on a 20 minute rant against him during a commission meeting last week.

SCRSIC chairman Reynolds Williams would not allow Loftis to respond to Ryberg’s mouthing off, which seems to be a new tactic to attempt to wear Loftis down.

Loftis is the only member of the commission who questions the expenses and results of the SCRSIC, so he is the only member who is truly representing the citizens of South Carolina.

Remember, it is your tax dollars that are being invested, rather poorly, by the SCRSIC.

Rather than concentrate on performance, the other commission members and commission staffers seem to concentrate on discrediting Loftis.

What better way to continue the good ole boy system at the SCRSIC that pays staffers bloated salaries and allows commission members to take advantage of perks supplied by the very institutions they are appointed to oversee?

Below is an email Loftis sent out to media and citizens of South Carolina after the latest attack:


Transparency…in a bad way!

At the Investment Commission meeting today, staffer and former career politician Greg Ryberg went on a 20 minute rant against both YOU and me. He levied multiple allegations against me that were false, distorted and politically motivated. Since the Chairman won’t allow me speak and defend myself I just have to laugh it off and get back to work.

Ryberg’s attacks were really about you! He wants your only representative and only elected member accountable to the people, kicked off the $26 billion pension fund. Ryberg is a retired millionaire who makes a $161,000 salary paid from the retirees’ money (who) resides in luxury in Aiken and Sullivan’s Island. He does not have regular office hours and does not show up to Columbia and work daily! It’s a heck of a job if you can get it, but as we know 80% of all public servants make less than $50,000 per year….and they have to actually show up to work!

Let’s resolve to learn one thing from this; unelected bureaucrats have control over the $26 billion retirement trust and they are not going to let anyone, especially you, have a say in how it is managed. In their arrogance they continually refuse to provide me basic information in a transparent attempt to prevent me from doing my job and all the while they disseminate false and misleading information to the people of South Carolina.

Let’s also resolve to know this; the harder they work to deprive you of your only elected member on the Commission, the harder I will fight them because I answer to you. I am a faithful man and I believe this will end well for the hardworking people of South Carolina…but we have to work together to protect your money.

Be Well,

Curtis Loftis

State Treasurer


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